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If your idea of ​​holiday rhymes with pleasure, taste and history, Palazzo Pesce is your choice. Located in the centre of Mola di Bari, in Puglia, Palazzo Pesce is an eighteenth-century noble residence, which today speaks of culture and hospitality. You can book your guided tour, lasting two hours from 5pm, to discover the splendid frescoes of the Etruscan Room, the internal courtyard with the tropical garden, and all the secrets kept for more than two hundred years within its walls. To enrich this experience, an aperitif will be served: you will be entertained in a relaxed atmosphere while tasting some wine, and after a concert will take place. It will be specially designed to meet your musical taste, and let you experience the privilege of an invitation to court, in an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere.

© Lino Paglionico

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What: Guided tour + drink + concert

Languages: Italian and English

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